Historic House Remodel

This was a kitchen and den remodel for a couple from the Twin Cities that bought one of the oldest houses in Bayfield. It has a great view of Madeline Island, so when we started we made sure the kitchen took advantage of the view.

It was a challenging remodel because of the age of the house, and the fact that not much had been upgraded in years! One of the unique things about this remodel was the fact we recycled an old bowling alley lane for the kitchen counter.

Get-a-Way Remodel

This project was a farmhouse remodel that serves as a get-a-way farm for a couple that reside in Ashland. It sets on a beautiful piece of land with mixed fields and forestland.

It was an old story and half that we literally took the whole top off, gutted it and framed up a new floor on an existing first floor. We super insulated it and put in triple paned, H-windows made here in Ashland. We totally rewired, replumbed, and finished with new plaster. The layout was redesigned to create two bedrooms and two full baths. The siding and most of the framing and trim came from right next door from the Herbster mill. The home is approximately 1800 square feet and has a full basement.